The Convenience of Other Cards Verified by VISA

Are you looking for a card that offers safety and security? Look no further. With the Oak Bank VISA Gold Card, you’ll get free travel accident insurance, emergency insurance and auto rental insurance, all for a low interest rate and no annual fee. The list doesn’t end there. With our VISA Gold Card you’ll get purchase security to protect retail purchases made using your VISA Gold Card and optional credit life insurance.

If it’s accessibility you’re looking for, we offer easy online access to your account and nationwide cash advances.

To start enjoying the security and accessibility of our VISA Gold Card, contact an Oak Bank Personal Banking Specialist.

To view your Oak Bank credit card information, click here.

To report a lost or stolen VISA Credit Card, contact the VISA Assistance Center at 1.800.423.7503.

New Credit/Debit Card Account Updater!
We’re excited to announce a convenient feature for our debit and credit cardholders. Now you no longer need to update your card information with participating merchants when you receive a new debit or credit card from Oak Bank. For example, if you were to lose your card and have us print you a new one, that new number would be provided to businesses such as Netflix.

How does Credit/Debit Card Account Updater work?
Account Updater is a service that will automatically update information for merchants electronically. Up-to-date card information, including expiration date and card number updates, will be provided to merchants who keep cards on file and maintain records; this is typically used for recurring customer payments.

What types of merchants keep card information on file?
Merchants who offer or require recurring customer payments (e.g. monthly subscriptions, utility bill payments, online shopping, etc.) usually keep card information on file.

What are some of the benefits of Credit/Debit Card Account Updater?
Account Updater helps decrease errors when being manually entered. Though it is the responsibility of the cardholder to make sure their card information is up-to-date with those they do business with, this will help streamline the recurring payment process and lessen the chances of a failed transaction.

Can you provide an example of when the merchant would use the updated card information?
In order to avoid a denied transaction (because they had outdated information on file), a merchant will have the ability to access updated card information through Account Updater prior to their billing cycle. This would ensure that any subscription-based service (e.g. utility bill) would be paid on-time without interrupting your service.