Utilize the Potential of Your Home

Are you looking to remodel your home or put your child through college? Would you like to finally buy that second house or cabin you’ve always dreamed of? Do you need to consolidate your debt or pay off high-interest or unexpected bills? Work with our Oak Bank representatives to see if our Home Equity Term Loans or Lines of Credit offer the support you need to better manage your finances and fund your dreams.

At Oak Bank, we want to work with you to create terms and conditions that will help you achieve your dreams. With our Home Equity Term Loans or Lines of Credit, you’ll only pay interest on the amount borrowed, you may benefit from possible tax savings and you won’t have any annual fees or points. You can also repay your borrowed funds at your convenience to replenish your credit line.

Learn more by reviewing “What You Should Know About Home Equity Lines of Credit” by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Ready to get started? Download our Printable Personal Loan Forms.

If you’re interested in more information on our Home EquityTerm Loans or Lines of Credit, contact an Oak Bank Mortgage Lending Specialist today!